Welcome to Hot Shots Nuclear Medicine

Pharmacy Services was established in Davenport, Iowa in February of 1991 (as
Midwest Pharmacy Services Corp), by radiopharmacists Brian and Curtis Blaum.
Capital Pharmacy was established in Lansing, MI by Randy Asmus in 1994.
Under the leadership of fellow radiopharmacist partners Donald Kapolnek and
Paul Sale, and nuclear medicine technologist Cindy Vestal, "Pharmacy
Services" Midwest presence grew to also include Cedar Rapids, IA, Peoria,
IL, and Rockford, IL. Meanwhile, Capital Pharmacy had grown substantially-
providing service from Lansing to all major cities in lower Michigan.

In late 2008, Capital Pharmacy and Pharmacy Services joined forces to form
Hot Shots Nuclear Medicine. Our name is not only a play on words for
radioactive (hot) injections (shots) but also reflects our attitude that all
of our clients are Hot Shots to us.

Our radiopharmacies specialize in providing products and services to
outpatient diagnostic imaging centers and hospitals with nuclear medicine
imaging capabilities. Since late 2002, a medical cyclotron operation was
added in Davenport. This allows us to provide a local source of Positron
Emission Tomography (PET) pharmaceuticals for the clients in Eastern Iowa
and Northern Illinois..

While our name, logo, and website have changed, one constant has been our
dedication to providing the great service that our clients expect and

Important Dates

Davenport Spring CE Meeting

April 28, 2018